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08/19/11: Apple Maturity Report

07/22/11: Peach Harvest/Maturity

04/11/11: 2011 Bud Stages

01/04/11: Tall Spindle Apple

07/06/2010: Peach harvest evaluations

06/11/2010: Cherry harvest evaluations

06/07/2010: MODEL BUILDING: the summer disease (sooty blotch/flyspeck) degree-day model

07/07/2010: MODEL BUILDING: the obliquebanded leafroller biofix/degree-day model for controlling first-generation larvae

03/20/2010: Current Bud Stages, UMass Cold Spring Orchard

02/16/2010: Organic Apple Spray Schedule

02/16/2010: Apple Spray Schedule -- No RUP's (Restricted Use Pesticides)

08/21/09: 2009 Apple Maturity Reports

05/11/09: Current bud stages, UMass Cold Spring Orchard

03/08/09: Resources for the homeowner/hobby/small-scale fruit producer

10/15/08: NEW YouTube video: Topaz scab-resistant apple and hi-tunnel blackberries (w/ Sonia Schloemann)

08/23/08: 2008 Apple Harvest Record, UMass Cold Spring Orchard

08/08/08: 2008 Peach Harvest Record, UMass Cold Spring Orchard

08/07/08: Good Agricultural Practices for tree fruit growers -- links to information

06/14/08: McIntosh apple 'visual' thinning with numbers

06/12/08: MODEL BUILDING: the plum curculio degree-day model

05/12/08: Current bud stages, UMass Cold Spring Orchard

08/22/07: Apple harvest data, UMass Cold Spring Orchard

07/28/07: jmcextman blog

07/20/07: Peach harvest data, UMass Cold Spring Orchard

05/14/07: Current bud stages, UMass Cold Spring Orchard

08/31/06: Photo gallery: Honeycrisp apple disorders

05/15/06: Current bud stages, UMass Cold Spring Orchard

09/24/05: Fruit Advisor RSS Video Log

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08/23/05: 2005 Apple Maturity Test Results

05/23/05: Current Bud Stages, UMass Cold Spring Orchard

03/31/05: Apple Nutrient Recommendations

10/05/04: NC-140 Cameo/Rootstock Mini-Report

08/23/04: 2004 Apple Maturity Test Results

05/17/04: Current Bud Stages, UMass Cold Spring Orchard

03/21/04: Photo Album of IDFTA Conference, South Tyrol, ITALY

02/18/04: Empire State Fruit & Vegetable Conference: Education Program Highlights

01/26/04: Mid-winter Cold Injury to Peach Flower Buds

11/29/03: Final Report: An Orchard System for Monitoring and Modeling Apple Scab, Disseminating Apple Scab Model Data Regionally, and Managing Orchard Fungicide Use

09/02/03: 2003 Apple Maturity Test Results

05/19/03: Current Bud Stages, UMass Cold Spring Orchard

10/02/02:2002 Apple Fruit Maturity Test Results

09/27/02: Photo Galleries: NE-183 Apple Cultivar Evaluation Project

1995 Planting

1999 Planting

06/18/02: Training Techniques for Young Apple Trees

05/14/02: Current Bud Stages, UMass Cold Spring Orchard

11/29/01: Apple Variety Showcase

08/21/01: Painless and Efficient Maturity Testing

08/13/01: Hudson Valley (NY) Tour

06/11/01: Dogwod Borers in Dwarf Apple Trees

05/10/01: Frost/Freeze Injury to Tree Fruit

04/30/01: Current Bud Stages, UMass HRC

03/22/01: Sprayer Calibration Worksheet

01/02/01: Video: Role of Computer Technology in a Commercial Orchard

09/22/00: Scald Prediction for New England Delicious Apples

07/31/00: Honeycrisp 'Yellows'

07/07/00: Fire Blight Makes an Appearance

07/06/00: Potato Leafhopper in Abundance

06/20/00: Do You Know the Way to San Jose?

06/13/00: Plum Pox Survey in Massachusetts

06/12/00: Recycle those Clothespins!


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