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August 2012

Apple testing PROCEDURE

Note: although it's desired, you do not have to fill everything (ie., take all the data). Do as much as you can but at least make a new entry every time you pick an apple and enter some of the sensory information at least (flavor, appearance, etc.)

1.) Enter base data -- date (date of fruit test), location, name of tester, rootstock, etc.

2.) Collect 10 apple sample (if available) at maturity and note TREE CHARACTERISTICS (including bloom date if available) and enter. Weigh 10 apples and average -- enter average weight in grams. (Search food scale in amazon.com.)

3.) Observe and enter FRUIT APPEARANCE while lining 10 apples up on v-shape measure board. (Directions here.) Observe and record % (i.e., red) overcolor.

4.) Perform and record fruit flesh firmness, brix, and starch index tests on 10 fruit while observing and recording FRUIT FLESH characteristics. While cutting apples for starch index taste note and record FRUIT FLAVOR.

5.) Rate and record OVERALL attractiveness and quality.

6.) Record any particular DISEASE INCIDENCE observed during the growing season.

7.) Finally, don't forget to take pictures of the tree and fruit and upload them here: (request username and password)

Any questions? Contact Jon Clements (413-478-7219)

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