FEBRUARY 2012 UPDATE: EPA Region I SAI Towards More Targeted Sprayer Application

April 2009. Received test bench equipment from Salvarani (Vertical Patternator (VP), Manometer [M, pressure gauge] tester, AAMS Mechanical Measuring Device (MMD).

April 2009. Twilight Meeting, UMass CSO. Demonstrated VP, M, MMD. Discovered flow rate of nozzles not what thought.

May 2009: received 2 TeeJet 1044-AB controllers, one to Tougas Farm, other at UMass CSO. Both installed with various results. Much discussion could ensue. Note that OESCO installed (in-kind) CSO unit. Air Induction nozzles installed and used at both locations to reduce drift.

June 2009. OESCO (Suki and Howard) at CSO to work with VP.

18-July, 2009: Andrew Landers @ MFGA Summer Meeting, Tougas Family Farm, Northboro, MA. Demonstrated all aspect of sprayer calibration, drift-reduction strategies.

23-September, 2009: UMass Tree Fruit Production class demo at CSO.

14-April, 2010: Calibration, Clarkdale, Deerfield, MA.

21-April, 2010: Mack’s Apples, Londonderry, NH meeting.

15-October, 2010: Red Apple Farm, Phillipston, MA.

October, 2010: EPA New England coordinators @ Brookdale Fruit Farm, Hollis, NH.

March 2011: received 3 TeeJet AB controllers, one to Parlee Farms, one to Apple Valley (Clark Bros.), one to Snyder Farm (Rutgers).

June 2011 -- Sprayer calibration workshop at Snyder Farm, Rutgers.

July 2011 -- George Hamilton uses for Penn State series of sprayer calibration workshops. See attached.

May, June 2011 -- AMS Nozzle Output Measurer used for verification of Lipco tunnel sprayer output