Year Peach/Nectarine Cultivar Harvest Date Flesh Color Crop Load Size Shape Fuzz Bact Spot Red Skin Split Pit Attractiveness Freestone Flesh Red Firmness Sol Solids Comments State Location Picture URL
2011 peach Earlystar 7/22/2011 yellow moderate 2.8 round-oblong light none 70 few good clingstone trace-10% 4 9.9 nice, some irregularity, split pits; good flavor; superior to PF-1 based on appearance MA Belchertown, UMass CSOREC
2011 peach Country Sweet 8/2/2011 yellow heavy 3.0 round-oblong, uniform light slight 75 none excellent clingstone trace 10
I would give to end of week for harvest; not too much bac spot this year MA Belchertown, UMass CSOREC
2011 peach Brightstar 8/2/2011 yellow moderate 2.8 round light none 35 few good semi-freestone trace 2.8 (1-10) na somewhat prominent suture; variable ripe, not the best early peach but OK; not a big cropper MA Belchertown, UMass CSOREC
2011 peach Risingstar 8/2/2011 yellow moderate-heavy 2.9 round-oblong


round with prominent suture; MA Belchertown, UMass CSOREC
2011 nectarine Jade 8/9/2011 white moderate 2.9 oblong none slight 95 few good clingstone 10-25% 6 9.2 just about ripe, good flavor; we can grow this, but lots of rot on picking, defects, etc. MA Belchertown, UMass CSOREC
2011 peach Countrysweet 8/9/2011
heavy 2.8 round light slight 80 none excellent clingstone
7.6 9.5 ready to pick; a very uniform, nice peach; downside is bacterial spot MA Belchertown, UMass CSOREC